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Make sure your taxes in France are in order by booking an Individual Tax Consultation

Need help understanding and preparing your income tax return and/or your real estate wealth tax return in France? Facing a language barrier when trying to resolve taxes in France issues?

Our 30-minutes free Tax Consultation will allow our Tax Consultants to better understand your tax situation and see how they can help out.

We can help you if you are in need of the following:

  • Preparation of your French income tax return to meet deadlines (and you may need it fast)
  • Preparation of your French real estate wealth tax return to meet deadlines (and you may need it fast)
  • Advice on income tax, tax rates and tax refund provisions in France
  • You speak little or no French and need help from bilingual Tax Consultants

How ELITAX can help you?

  • Bilingual Tax Consultants based in Paris
  • We work in French and English
  • We are specialised in tax services and consultancy for impatriates or expatriates (80% of our clientele)
  • We offer 30-minutes free Tax Consultation to discuss your needs and obligations
  • We prepare French income tax returns and French real estate wealth tax returns
  • If you are pressed for time, we can expedite the preparation and the processing of your return through an Express Service option

How our 30-minutes free Tax Consultation works?

When you call us for your 30-minutes free Tax Consultation, we’ll discuss your tax requirements and identify how best to help when preparing your French tax return, providing you with a clear overview of taxes in France, income tax rules and any filing requirements you need to follow.

We’ll develop a tax compliance plan that meets every one of your needs, as well as cover practical matters such as timing and manner of filing (digital or paper tax return). We’ll address any questions and concerns you may have concerning your taxes, explain our fees and then, once you’re happy, send our questionnaire to you and get to work.

This questionnaire is our way of clarifying and establishing your revenues and assets, along with any tax rebates, deductions, reductions and tax credits that may be relevant. It enables us to collect all the information needed to respond to you (write an extensive tax consultation, prepare your tax return)


Here are some of the questions we will need to ask you concerning your taxes in France

  • When did you arrive in France?
  • Have you already submitted an income tax return in France?
  • Have you already paid income tax in France?
  • Are you single or married?
  • Do you have children?
  • What types of income did you earn during the last fiscal year?
  • Do you earn income from French sources and/or from abroad?


Here are some of the questions that you are likely to have and that we will answer in our consultation process

  • What information must I give you for a French income tax return and/or French real estate wealth tax return?
  • How will I submit my French income tax and real estate wealth tax returns
  • What is the process for filing a French income tax return?
  • When can I meet you for your my taxes in France related issues?
  • How will Elitax deliver my completed French tax return forms to me?
  • Where will I have to submit my French income tax return forms?
  • Will you submit the French tax return for me to the French Tax Authorities?
  • What are the French income tax rates?
  • How much tax will I have to pay?
  • When will I have to pay it?
  • Do I need to open an account with Elitax?
  • What is the difference between a Siret and a Tax Identification Number?
  • Would you submit my tax return online / efiling?

Let us help you with the French tax systems

Get in touch with our Paris-based bilingual tax experts

Thank you Elitax for providing such a no fuss, friendly and efficient service. We have used Elitax for 3 years now and would not hesitate to recommend them.

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John Batchelor

ELITAX has been fundamental as our tax consultants our expatriated personnel to our day to day operations.

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Luiz Fuchs, President & CEO

We'd Love to Help You With Your French Tax