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Welcome Tax Meeting On Arrival


Getting acquainted with a new tax system is much easier when you have someone to walk through the process with you. If any of the following describe your situation, Elitax could help you by holding a Welcome Tax Meeting:

  • You are an employer who has seconded an employee to France or hired an expat to work in France. Upon an expatriate’s arrival in France, as well as on their departure, you are obliged to inform them about their tax liabilities in France.

Elitax offers a tailored service to help newcomers to France: the Welcome Tax Meeting. We’ll spend time with your employees, explaining everything they need to know about French tax rules. Each meeting is bespoke and delivered in a professional, friendly manner.

How does it work?

In a three to four-hour session, one of our consultants will explain the French tax system to your employees by means of a slideshow.

To start with, we first address issues of tax residency. Then, we explain the various direct and indirect taxes to which a tax resident — and, in some cases, tax non-resident — are subject.

We also discuss income tax rules in France. What is covered under taxable income? What is meant by a taxable household? How and when must an income tax return in France be filed? What are the penalties for late filing and payment? Detailed documentation is provided as part of the presentation.

The presentation can be delivered on a one-to-one basis, either face-to-face or via Skype, or in groups of employees. Over the following 12 months, each participant will have access to one of our tax advisors at no extra cost, in order to discuss and address specific tax issues.

What are the benefits of a Welcome Tax Meeting?

Individuals and organisations who are unfamiliar with French tax law will benefit from Elitax’s 17 years of experience. Our meetings are tailored to your employees situation, so we can guarantee that they receive the best help available.

For your employees
They can draw on expert help in the event of any tax questions arising during the course of their first year in France. This ensures they get off to the right start in their new country of residence.

For you as an employer
We ensure you have fulfilled your legal obligation to inform expatriates of their tax responsibilities in France. For the following 12 months, you can hand the task of responding to their tax questions over to us.

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