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Income Tax Return Services for Non-Residents: How We Can Help You

Elitax will guarantee you pay the optimal rate of tax, regardless of your residency status

When you move to a new country, there are dozens of things to consider. One of the main issues to address is whether you are actually classed as a tax resident or tax non resident. Without the help of expert local knowledge, your income tax amount could be unnecessarily higher than what you actually owe.

Being a tax resident or tax non-resident will affect the amount of income tax you pay. With Elitax, there’s no need to worry, regardless of your status. We’ll identify the specifics of your situation and help you pay the optimum rate of tax. Our income tax return services for non-residents guarantee that you won’t overpay or face the prospect of double taxation.

Do you qualify as a tax non resident?

Not everyone who lives in France is considered a resident when it comes to tax law. The Code Général des Impôts (CGI) defines a resident as:

  • Someone whose main home is in France
  • Someone who carries out professional activities in France
  • Someone whose economic interests centre in France (e.g. investments or business)

If you do not qualify as a French tax resident under these criteria, but still have income in France, you will be liable to submit a tax return. If you’re not sure whether you are a tax resident or tax non-resident, contact Elitax today and we can help.

Income tax return services for tax non residents in France

A tax non resident in France is taxable only on income acquired from activities and investment in France. You should only declare income from French sources and income from abroad should not be included in the French tax return.

For example, if you’re a non-resident who does business in both France and the United Kingdom, only the income acquired from France should be submitted in your French tax return.


Our five-step process for income tax return services

Elitax understands that everyone’s needs are different, so we have a process in place to guarantee client satisfaction.

  • We communicate with you to establish your individual needs
  • We send you our French tax return questionnaire
  • You fill in the questionnaire and send it back to us
  • We get to work and prepare your tax forms
  • We send your French tax return forms to you or file online on your behalf

The questionnaire enables us to clarify and tally your different kinds of income and assets. It also helps us identify any rebates, deductions, reductions and/or tax credits to which you may be entitled.

First-time filers must file paper tax returns. We will send you the completed tax forms, which you then sign and mail to the French Tax Administration. We provide full instructions on when and where the forms have to be mailed.

Individuals who have already filed a tax return in France must file online. This is taken care of by Elitax to prevent any confusion or incorrect submissions.

Your complimentary tax consultation will enable us to understand your tax situation and status. During the consultation, we will establish, amongest other things, whether you are a tax resident or a tax non-resident for French tax purposes. We can then help you prepare and process your French income tax return as appropriate.

Why choose Elitax for your income tax return?

We’ve been working as bilingual tax advisors in France for nearly two decades. Since 2000, we’ve been helping our clients comply with French income tax return requirements, while optimising the amount of taxes to be paid. Elitax is dedicated to getting your tax return submitted on time and correctly.

Our fees are competitively priced, yet the quality of service is second to none. Our expertise helps you to minimise the amount of your income tax in France, while the tax strategies we put in place will provide ongoing benefits in the following years.

With Elitax, you can rest assured that your tax return is being handled by a bilingual tax advisors. We have vast local knowledge and are always happy to communicate. Filing a tax return in a foreign country has never been easier than it is with Elitax.

The Elitax guarantee

We guarantee all income tax returns prepared by us, as long as these are filed without any changes. If you provide us with the correct information, we promise that it will be filled in optimally and on time.

Income tax rates for Non Tax resident in France

Income tax in France for Non Tax resident is levied at a flat rate of 20%. This income tax paid in France should be reported in your country of residence, when relevant, to avoid double taxation. Thanks to the tax treaties signed between France and more than 100 countries, you should never face the prospect of double taxation.

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