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30 Minutes Free Tax Consultations for Relocation Agencies

Ensure your clients get the right information during their relocation, with assistance from our bilingual tax advisors in France

Many relocation companies know how to make a client’s move go smoothly, but don’t offer useful advice to their clients regarding tax laws in the new country. Our tax consultations can help your clients land on their feet when it comes to French income tax return and real estate wealth tax return, providing clear and effective tax assistance and consultations.

We can help you if you are in need of the following:

  • You help expatriates relocate to France and want to supply them with information on filling out their French income tax return or French real estate wealth tax return on a strict deadline
  • Your clients need help understanding taxes in France, including the different types of income tax, tax rates and tax refund provisions
  • Your clients speak little or no French and need English-speaking accountants or tax advisors in France to help them with their taxes

How our tax consultations can help your relocating clients

80% of our clients come from other countries and as a result, their French tax returns are typically more complex than those of local taxpayers. At Elitax, we specialise in this type of service and will be able to help your clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the taxes in France, as well as the tax documents they need to fill out.

  • We are specialists in expat tax services, expatriate tax consultancy and expatriate tax exemptions
  • We prepare French income tax returns and French real estate wealth tax returns for your clients relocating to France, depending on whether they are tax residents or non-tax residents
  • We offer a welcome tax meeting service, which will help them settle in with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their tax affairs are in order
  • If your clients are pressed for time, we can speed up the preparation and the processing of their tax returns through our Express Service Option

How our free 30 minutes tax consultation works

We aim to make the complicated world of tax as simple as possible for your clients through simple training and consultations. Our free initial consultation will be set up to establish your company needs, breaking down how we can help your clients with taxes in France.

We’ll discuss how to communicate with your clients, whether that’s through your company or directly to them, as well as other practical matters, such as establishing the best time to offer the training.

Once this is clear, we’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have, then explain our fees and our procedures. If you’re happy to continue, we’ll send a questionnaire to your clients, helping us understand their specific situation and what we can do to help them.

The questionnaire is built to clarify and focus on each individual client’s revenues and assets. We’ll also look at your client’s tax rebates, tax reductions and tax credits that may be relevant.

What will you want to know?

Here are some of the questions you are likely to have for us :

  • How can Elitax help our clients with their taxes in France?
  • How can Elitax help our expat clients file their income tax returns in France?
  • What tax credits are available for expat newcomers in France?
  • What is the situation concerning the client’s spouse and child(ren) if they do not live in France?
  • What are your fees?

What will we want to know from you?

Here are some of the things that we will want to ask you:

  • How many of your clients will need our services in respect of taxes in France?
  • How have their tax obligations been taken care of in previous years?
  • How will we work with you? As a subcontractor, or directly with your clients?

What our clients have to say about our services

We’ve helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues.


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