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The friendly and fast support and service is nothing short of excellent. I’ve been working with them for years and highly recommend their services.

Alan S

I approached Elitax because I needed assistance with filing my French taxes. Eliane and her team helped by providing great support. My taxes were prepared, explained, and filed without issue. The process with Elitax was smooth and I found the experience positive. I would recommend Elitax to other Expats needing assistance with their French taxes

Sue -Sue

Very friendly and helpful people, quick answers and good work – Thank you

Andreas Steiner

I have used the Elitax services for two years now, and my taxes have always been done in a timely manner. Even though I have had challenges with the personal taxes in France, due to different sources of income from abroad that needed to be declared, the team offered professional advice on what to do to get the situation resolved. I am very pleased with the service and the professionalism, especially they provided valuable advices that provided significant tax savings. Thus, I recommend their service to anyone who’s looking for great customer service and a great tax preparer, especially for expats living in France.

Oskar Kowalewski -Associate Professor of Finance, IESEG School of Management

I used Elitax to help me with my French tax returns while living in Germany. Eliane Rakotonoel and her team provided an invaluable and efficient service that saved me both time and money. I would highly recommend them.

William B -William B

“I was recommended Elitax by a financial advisor at the Paris British Lunch, i took the opportunity to have a meeting, where the advice received and action taken by Elitax was invaluable. I would happily recommend Elitax to any expatriates living and working in France.”

James Baker -Managing Partner – Duarte & Baker

Eliane Rakotonoel’s assistance has been essential to us in order to properly submit our tax information in France. We are very confident that all of the documentation is correct and that we are well represented in all things related to taxes in France. Everyone who works in her office is very professional and pleasant. We are very fortunate to have found her when we needed help and we happily recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with taxes in France.

Gerard & Leslie Hagen Musician and Singer

For several years now I have consulted Elitax on tax advice and have entrusted Madame Rakotonoel with the preparation and submission of my annual tax returns. As a British expatriate moving to France I have found her advice and guidance invaluable on both a personal and professional level. Despite her busy schedule she has always found the time for a meeting or an exchange of messages to clarify specific points on tax matters and with generous help in the preparation of communications with the authorities where necessary.

Brett Ridgway

I am a United States citizen who has lived in France since 2004. I currently have a “titre de séjour, résident de longue durée” which will be valid until 2026. Elitax has prepared my French income tax return for me since I arrived in France more than thirteen years ago, and I have always been extremely satisfied with their work. I expect to remain a client of Elitax indefinitely.

William Silver -Retiree

We have been using ELITAX as our tax consultants not only for our company but as well as for our expatriated personnel. ELITAX has been fundamental to our day to day operations being our company involved not only in European countries but as well in Africa and Middle East therefore, in need of international expertise. The knowledge and the attention to us has been faultless.

Luiz Fuchs -President & CEO

Very reactive and efficient service – helped me navigate the complexities of the tax system in France after my work move

Yanick Crow

I have had the pleasure of working with Eliane at Elitax for the past three years. She makes what seems like a complicated foreign system for an expat straightforward, efficient and timely! Eliane and her team handle any questions or requests from the Impots Francais quickly and help put your mind at ease. While I am domicile here in France I will certainly be using Elitax services which come highly recommended!

Louis d’Arienzo Designer

The tax law is admittedly complicated for a foreigner living in France, it is comforting knowing that a professional like Eliane and her team are on the job. They delivered on all aspects; alwaysprofessional, client focused and with a smile on their face. A pure pleasure doing business with Elitax!

Cynthia Kummer

After many disappointing experiences with so called “bilingual accountant,” I was finally introduced to Eliane. She understood my situation as an owner of the second house in France and my tax position as a UK citizen straight away and helped me towards the right direction. Apart from the efficiency and accuracy of her work, I also appreciate her friendly and caring approach very much. I used to find the French tax declaration on my rental business as a burdensome duty but now with Eliane, it has become much less of a burden! I highly recommend her firm to anyone who, like me, not very competent in French to deal with the complicated tax issues in France.

Chiaki Green

Eliane Rakotonoel helped me solve a problem with my tax declaration quickly and efficiently. Her expert knowledge and advice saved me a great deal of time and anxiety. I highly recommend Elitax.

Pamela Lake Retiree

Elitax was referred to me a couple of years ago, where I first met Eliane. Being a new Impatriate to France, Eliane was excellent in easing me into the ways of the French tax system, appropriate to my situation. Her clear explanations, obvious great knowledge of the subject and generosity with her time and effort has made life so much easier than it could have been. I have to say that whenever I have needed to call upon Eliane she has responded promptly and I can definitely say she ‘goes the extra mile’ to help. If anyone needs tax advice as someone coming into France then I advise them to contact Eliane. I am very happy to endorse Elitax.

Stuart WILL -Head of Channel Management

In the context of constant movement of the work force between world’s countries and not a uniformed way of taxation laws, for a foreigner can be a struggle to adapt to the local financial and taxation system. As an expat in Paris, Elitax was for me the compass and help needed to understand the French system. The communication with Elitax was easy, professional and with great English level. What, how and when to do all the applications in order to respect French fiscal system were explained in a comprehensive way. I strongly recommend Elitax as your expat consultant. I would return as a customer to their service.

Alexandru Dimitriu Executive at Ikea

When I was appointed to my job at the headquarters of my company in Paris, it was a big change in my life. A new country, a different culture, totally different ways of life and practices… Luckily, my company had already taken care of this and agreed with some consultant companies to support me in various aspects of this change. Elitax was my consultant on tax subjects. As I learned during my stay in France, tax is a very heavy subject and you cannot survive alone as an expat if you don’t have proper support. That’s where Elitax, i.e. Eliane and her team, come into the picture: They made a very thorough presentation of the tax system in France. I learned clearly my responsibilities and consequences of failure to comply with the requirements. They used their expertise to support me in the preparation of my tax declaration, relations with the authorities, representing me in the tax related communications with the authorities, both during and after my stay in France. I even remember being supported by Elitax team to understand the yearly French obligation to pay tax if you own a TV set at home! Oh, those were the days! Finally, I would like to thank Eliane for her support. She was one of the good people who made my life easy during my stay in France.

Can Kabacki

As a retiree, I strongly recommend Elitax’s services. I much appreciated their personal touch, the attention to detail and the excellent value for money they have provided. They have really taken a lot of weight off my mind.

Bernadette Markho

ELITAX has provided excellent service for me for several years on both the French and the USA returns. In addition to her expertise in national and international tax law, Eliane Rakotonoel provides the additional – invaluable! – dimension of full customer service, attending promptly and personally to any questions and concerns that may arize during all phases of the return process. I do not hesitate to highly recommend ELITAX to anyone interested in working with a highly competent tax specialist who will also assure personal attention to your needs!


“Excellent, friendly, bilingual service for those with French tax problems or wanting advice. I can personally recommend Elitax.”

Marion Rushworth

As an expatriate, surrounding yourself with a set of professionals is of vital importance. Eliane guided me from my arrival to my departure through the complicated French fiscal systems, I felt in the best hands, never had any issues with the tax authorities. Eliane’s patience and service are second to none. Even today, after 2 years of my departure from France, I keep Eliane as a contact and ask for her advise which she offers at a very reliable speed. I highly recommend using Elitax as your tax parter.

Sergio Velasquez

Eliane and her team have been preparing my tax returns and guiding me through the complexities of dual taxation (USA-France) for the past four years and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! I first contacted Elitax two weeks before tax deadline, when I had been let down by another company. Eliane took the time to understand my situation and left me confident that she would take care of everything. And she did! Aside from Eliane’s comprehensive technical knowledge and impeccable English, she has the rare gift of being able to convey her knowledge in a way that an average human being can understand. In addition, I always appreciate Eliane’s calmness and patience and the personal interaction that she is always ready to provide.

Justine Swinney

I am a U.S. citizen living and working in Paris. Navigating the French tax system as an expatriate can be overwhelming. Elitax took all of the stress out of preparing and filing French tax returns. They understand the needs of expatriates and made the process very easy. They were thorough in preparing my tax forms and very prompt in responding to my questions. Their reliability and expertise make them easy to recommend. Thank you Elitax!

Caroline Leelou

Eliane and her team provide a great service. As an expat, I particularly appreciate not having to navigate the French tax system alone and knowing that my tax return was in safe hands. Highly recommended!

Rachel Wilkinson

As an American/French couple living in France, we really had no idea what to do when it came to dealing with our newly conjoined taxes (both American and French), so we are eternally grateful to Elitax for their help. They not only did a magnificent, efficient job with our taxes and with answering our many, many questions, but also they reached out to their contacts on my behalf to help with setting up my own French business. We really could not recommend them highly enough to anyone searching for a truly trustworthy and highly capable team that will take good care of their taxes.

Joel Small

Elitax was recommended to me by a friend just before I moved to Paris several years ago. From the onset Eliane was extremely helpful and articulate — her command of English is as superb as her knowledge of international tax laws and bilateral agreements between EU nations. She quite quickly dissolved any apprehension I might have had and explained things in a quite lucid manner. Elitax has handled my affairs ever since and I can not recommend their services more highly.

Abdul Koroma -Designer

I really appreciate Eliane’s international expertise and the English language skills. Despite me being based in another country, Eliane always provided timely feedback and followed up with me to meet the necessary deadline. For me the Elitax team is the modern, professional advisory team with the international expertise. I rely on their support.

Marie Lowe Schriederova

As an Australian working in France I found the French Tax system somewhat daunting. I first approached Elitax three years ago when confronted with an Audit from the French Tax Office. With a number of investments in my home country this was a daunting task. Eliane and her team worked tirelessly to help me provide the 3cm thick file of paperwork and submit the request on time. During the preparation Elitax uncovered that I had been made an error during the two years under audit and I was due a small refund! I have been a client of Elitax ever since, even after returning to Australia. If you need to navigate the vagaries of the French Tax system I highly recommend Eliane, Stephanie and the team at Elitax.

Scott Nelson -Scott Nelson

In my dealings with Elitax I have found them to be open and honest. I was impressed by their knowledge and above all their professionalism. They are also nice people to deal with.

C.M. Webb. -Manager

We have used Elitax.com for the past three years. At first we were unsure if a firm based in Paris, so far from us would be the correct thing to do. Our French language skills are limited but we had been assured (by other ex-pats) that our tax declarations would be simple and could easily be completed without engaging a professional firm. That is so far from the truth, it is almost a lie! We soon discovered just how the rules are littered with potholes ready to swallow the naive declarant whole. A very simple mistake, in entering our income in the wrong format, led to a very frightening tax investigation. At the conclusion of which we were just advised that our tax forms should be done by someone who knew what they were doing. Elitax were our saviours. Their advice and forms are simple to follow. The firm is efficient and are always available if assistance is needed. They ensure that you are fully aware of your responsibilities in relation to your declarations and they work well to ensure that submissions are made seamlessly. Their online client space is easy to follow. We cannot recommend Elitax enough.

Steve and Dorothy Hudson

Neither my employer nor I had any experience with detached employee contracts. In my first few months moving from Paris to New York, we discovered many gaps in social protection and unexpected higher taxation obligations. The counsel we received from Elitax helped frame our choices, and enabled us to put everything in order. My company was smarter for the next set of expat assignments. Thanks, Elitax!

Joe Siart

Thank you Elitax for providing such a no fuss, friendly and efficient service. We have used Elitax for 3 years now and would not hesitate to recommend them.

John Batchelor

“Elitax gave me honest and clear advice, which has proved very helpful. I have recommended them to my expatriate friends.”

Annabel Simms

Represents a personal tax service that most of us require in this complicated world of technical electronic advancement and continual tax legislation changes. On my first introductory interview I was impressed by the personal and warm relationship the company’s ambiance engendered; important when dealing with tax matters.

David Nutt

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