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You can work together with Elitax by adding services related to taxes in France to your usual services. Here is how we help expatriates with their tax return.

A person who is a resident of France for tax purposes is required to declare all of his or her income for tax, including both income from French sources and income received abroad. Income taxes in France are calculated using a progressive rate scale. However, France has a number of tax treaties with other countries that are designed to avoid double taxation. We work with you to ensure that you take full advantage of all treaty arrangements relevant to your situation.

Click here to see income tax rates and tax brackets in France.

A complimentary tax consultation will enable us to understand their tax situation and status, establishing amongst other things whether they are a resident or a non-resident for French tax purposes. We can then help then prepare and process their French income tax return as appropriate.


  • We establish their needs and timing
  • We send our income tax return in France questionnaire to them
  • They fill in the questionnaire and send it back to us
  • We work on their file and get their forms prepared
  • We deliver their French tax return forms to them or file on line on their behalf

The questionnaire enables us to clarify and enumerate their different kinds of income and assets and identify any tax rebates, deductions, reductions and/or tax credits to which they may be entitled. It helps us collect all the information that we need to prepare an optimised tax return.

First time filers must file tax returns on paper. We send to your clients the completed tax forms, which they then sign and mail to the French Tax Administration. We provide full instructions on where and when the forms have to be mailed.

Individuals who have already filed at least once in France must file on line. This is taken care of by Elitax.


Our experience as bilingual tax experts in France indicates that incoming expatriates are often uninformed about taxes in France, have little or no awareness of French income tax law, and misunderstand of the steps to be followed in complying with filing requirements for income tax in France.

We have been assisting clients with their French income tax preparation and filing for more than fifteen years to comply with French income tax return requirements while optimizing the amount of taxes to be paid.

Our fees are competitively priced reflecting the quality of the service provided. Our expertise helps your clients to minimise the amount of their income tax in France, and the tax strategy we put in place stands to have ongoing benefit for the following years. Having bilingual tax experts take care of their tax in France brings them peace of mind in the knowledge that their tax situation is safe and guaranteed.

Our guarantee

We guarantee all  income tax returns prepared by us as long as these are filed without any changes. We do not guarantee income tax returns in cases where information has been incorrectly given or withheld.

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