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Tax Training for Corporate Human Resource Managers and Relocation Companies

Keep your HR up to date with tax requirements with French tax training from Elitax

Alongside our welcome tax meeting, we offer assistance to employers working with expatriates by providing tax training sessions for their staff members.
Employers are required under French labour law to ensure that their expatriate employees are fully informed on their tax obligations in France — and these training sessions are a useful way to help companies meet these requirements. At the same time, they’re also designed to assist in the planning and administration of expatriate employment.

Our tax training sessions are organised in two ways:

Customised training
Our customised training focuses on the specific situation and needs of your company, covering your employee’s tax liabilities and responsibilities in line with the tax requirements of designated countries.

This training is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the tax implications of employee expatriation for key departments including human resources, finance and payment.
Our tax training is organised on-site at the company on a one, two or three-day basis, depending on the size, scope and complexity of the company’s expatriate program.

Multifunctional training
Our multifunctional training addresses both the tax aspects and other key facets of expatriation, including international work contracts, immigration issues and social security. This type of tax training is offered on a three-day basis on-site at one of our associated companies, who are specialised in international mobility issues.

A typical tax training program covers the following topics:

  • Expatriates or impatriates/seconded employees
  • The determining criteria for taxation
  • The determination of tax residency
  • The consequences of tax residency
  • The extent of tax responsibilities/liabilities
  • Double tax residency
  • Double taxation
  • Exercises: tax residency determination
  • Offsetting double taxation
  • Departure formalities
  • End of residency tax clearance
  • Impact on employer – tax compensation
  • Tax protection
  • Tax equalisation

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