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Thinking of moving to France, but not sure how to manage your tax when you get there? Struggling to understand your tax after your circumstances have changed? We’ll help you understand and manage your taxes in France before and after you arrive in the country.


Understanding the various laws regarding business taxes in France can be tricky, especially if you’re managing a large company. Our tax experts will ensure your HR teams and employees know exactly what taxes need to be paid and when.


Many relocation companies know how to make a move easy, but won’t provide their clients with vital tax information. We’ll work with your company to ensure your clients are aware of the different taxes in France and how to stay in line with the law.


Are you an e-seller and you are thinking of  selling or you are already selling online (BtoC) in France? We can help with VAT registration and compliance.

Dual Tax Survey / Expatriation

Our dual tax surveys help the expatriates learn about the taxation in the new foreign country, as well as his/her tax liabilities in the home country, in the presence of a international tax treaty or not. It also helps the employer fulfil its information obligation towards its salaried employees in international mobility.

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Elitax has been helping expatriate clients and communities manage their taxes in France since our beginnings back in 2000. Our tax advisors understand the tax requirements in a number of different countries and our experience of helping clients with all manner of situations and requirements means we can offer you a customised service that fits you down to the ground.

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