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VAT registration and compliance is a complicated process for any company. However, the process can be even more confusing if you are an EU-based company that wants to do business in France.

In this post, we will discuss French Corporate VAT Registration and VAT Compliance for EU Based Companies so that you can be better prepared for your upcoming business venture in France.

French Corporate VAT Registration and VAT Compliance for EU Based Companies

French legislation from January 1, 2016 approved a change of rules for a range of foreign companies based in Europe. This concerns foreign companies selling products and services into France from outside [distance selling]. This applies to conventional and online sales in France.

New Rules for EU-Based Companies

The new legislation will impact a range of EU-Based Companies engaged in selling products into France.

Currently, EU-Based companies selling into France are required to register where their turnover in respect of French sales exceeds 100K Euros annually. The new legislation adjusts this threshold down to 35 000 Euros annually.

EU-Based companies will be required to register in France for VAT purposes if their turnover exceeds this amount annually, and pay VAT in VAT accordingly.

Fiscal Agent

These EU based companies breaching the threshold of 35 000 € online selling in France, have the choice between:

–      either to declare themselves the VAT collected on their sales in France, and pay the VAT amount (monthly or quarterly) to the French tax authorities.

–      Or to elect a French Agent who will register the EU-based companies and make the monthly declarations or VAT payment.

The French Fiscal mandate can afford substantial value:

  • Help with the VAT registration
  • Helps ensure compliance with law and rules
  • Helps with the correct and timely preparation of necessary documentation
  • Enhances understanding of the process to be used
  • Keeps companies aware and abreast of ongoing changes
  • Provides representations needed or desirable
  • Provides support across the full range of administrative actions entailed in compliance
  • Helps ensure self-confidence in corporate good standing

Elitax VAT Registration Service

At Elitax, we provide professional VAT services for EU Based companies wishing to register for French VAT and establish a fiscal representation in France.

We can help you with the entire process, from registration to declaration and payment, ensuring that your company is fully compliant with French tax law. Here’s how we can help:

  • Ensure your company complies with the relevant French VAT law and regulations
  • Facilitate the initial step of your VAT registration
  • Manage your relations, submissions, and correspondence with the relevant French national and local administrations

What VAT Compliance Entails

  • Compliance for EU-Based companies entails:
  • After registration for VAT in France in made by a tax agent on their behalf, the VAT charged on their sales above 35 000 € is due in France, while the VAT charges on their sales below remain payable in their country of residence.
  • They must submit monthly VAT Declaration forms when the total of their annual VAT payable in France is over 15 000 €.
  • If below, then they are allowed to file quarterly.
  • They must also pay monthly or quarterly VAT to the French Tax Administration

Elitax VAT Compliance Service

It isn’t as simple as registering for VAT and hoping everything will be fine. Being VAT compliant is an ongoing process that requires vigilance and regular submission of documentation.

At Elitax, we can help EU-Based companies stay compliant with French VAT law, and take the hassle out of this process. We have a team of experts who can manage all aspects of your company’s VAT compliance, from registration to declaration and payment. Elitax can:

  • Ensure your company complies with the relevant French VAT law and regulations
  • Coordinate and process all your VAT returns – monthly or quarterly VAT returns and make sure that the VAT amount is paid on due time (to avoid not fines and interest of arrears)
  • Manage your relations, submissions and correspondence with the relevant French national and local administrations
  • Handle all communications from these authorities to your company in respect of VAT, including tax audits 

Elitax VAT Registration Service Fees

We offer a number of different packages to ensure that your company can find the solution which best matches its needs and budget. They are adapted to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as MNCs.

All prices are contingent upon the volume and scope of sales into France. We also offer package deals for full-service of compliance Spectrum.

Get Started Today

Depending on the tax authorities’ speed, the VAT registration procedure takes 3 to 5 weeks. As a result, it is critical to submit your application for VAT registration as soon as possible.

We recommend consulting with a tax representative as soon as possible to avoid long waiting periods. This will guarantee a straightforward and timely registration procedure.

Elitax is currently taking applications from businesses interested in retaining us to assist them with the new French tax system. Here’s how to start working with us:

  • The first step is signing a fiscal representation (agent) contract with us
  • The following step is to submit VAT registration for a company
  • To do so, we need at a minimum an expression of interest, preferably in written form, to Elitax:
  • Email can be sent to Elitax
  • Alternatively phone calls can be made to 00 33 (0)1 43 71 10 05
  • Mail can also be addressed to Elitax – 19 Quai de la Seine 75019 Paris, France.
  • To help us gain a better appreciation of your situation, please fill out this form Contact Us Today

Why Choose Elitax?

You need a tax representative to deal with the French authorities on your behalf, and Elitax is one of the most qualified firms in the industry. We have over 15 years of experience helping businesses comply with France’s complex VAT laws.

Our French Corporate VAT service is comprehensive and includes:

  • VAT registration in France
  • Fiscal representation (agent) contract
  • Monthly or quarterly VAT declaration filing
  • Payment of monthly/quarterly VAT to the French Tax Administration

For additional details regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0)970 44 45 46

Let us help you with the French tax systems

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