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Ensure your tax obligations are met with our tax representation services

When leaving France at the end of a work assignment, short-term stay, or because you are moving to another country, you must meet any outstanding French tax obligations. This isn’t always convenient, however, and you can run into issues if you have to leave in a hurry, or if you’re not fully aware of what you need to cover before leaving.

At Elitax, we specialise in serving as your tax representative, dealing with your income tax return in the year following your departure and handling any demands for tax payments. We provide a link between the French tax authority and you, ensuring that you receive your tax assessment on time and can pay before the deadlines. We also answer letters from the tax authority and provide information requested on your behalf.

How does the tax representation service work?

After a free consultation with our accountants, we’ll assess your needs and provide you with a tax representation contract to sign, giving us the ability to sort your taxes on your behalf. Once we have signed a tax representation contract with you, we’ll inform the tax administration of your departure from France.

We’ll receive all correspondence from the French tax administration on your behalf & forwarded it to you within five working days by e-mail, resolving your outstanding tax obligations. If appropriate, we’ll also contact the tax administration directly to fix any problems.

This service is provided on an annual basis at a set fee which we’ll discuss during your consultation. It is renewable automatically by tacit consent, unless we receive notification to terminate at least one month before the end of the contract.

Tax audit assistance

The French tax administration is entitled to contest any income tax return or real estate wealth tax return for up to three years after its submission. Following this, a statute of limitations applies. During this three-year period, the tax authority can audit your entire tax situation, including any business tax return and its implications for your income tax return or wealth tax return.

To assist you in the event of an audit, we’ll audit your previous and current tax returns, and help you respond correctly to the tax administration’s questions. If further tax liabilities are discovered as a result of this process, we’ll help you resolve them.

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