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Tax Services for Expats Living in France

Are you a foreigner living in France and finding difficult and overwhelming to navigate the complexities of the complexities of the taxes in France?
Do you have already filed income tax in France but need to put things in order or be reassured that you are on the right track?
Do you want to have your apprehension dissolved and be sure that you are in good hands to file a correct and optimized tax return?

Our motto: pay the right tax! Not one euro more, not one euro less.

The benefits you earn working with tax returns Experts at Elitax:

Save time on your tax return by delegating to us
Relief yourself from worries of not filing correctly due to language barriers
Free yourself from the mental burden and administrative hassle, our Experts will file on your behalf in a timely manner
Get the assurance that nothing has been left out : all income and other items that need to be declared will be taken into account
Be reassured that all the best and optimal options have been taken , and that all tax reductions, deductions and credits have been claimed on your behalf.

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Thank you Elitax for providing such a no fuss, friendly and efficient service. We have used Elitax for 3 years now and would not hesitate to recommend them.

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John Batchelor

ELITAX has been fundamental as our tax consultants our expatriated personnel to our day to day operations.

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Luiz Fuchs, President & CEO

We are here to help

We will make what seems like a complicated foreign system for an expat straightforward in an efficiently and timely manner.

We will go the extra mile for you and help put your mind at ease.

We work with one perspective in mind “to have our clients pay the exact amount of income tax due, legally speaking, not 1 € more nor 1 € less”.

How we proceed?


Subject to your agreement with our fees, we will send you a questionnaire to fill in and send back to us for the preparation of your tax return.


We will then deliver full details for filing your tax return, accompanied by instructions on how to file, applicable deadlines, etc.


This we will be able to see in your answers to our questionnaire.


If we see that you fulfill all the relevant conditions, we will draw up two sets of tax calculations: one showing what you would pay If you avail yourself of these tax exemptions and credits, and a second one that does not take these into account.


Availing yourself of the tax exemptions and credits requires filing of a legal document, which we can draw up on your behalf. This is subject to an extra charge of which in most cases, will be money well spent.


If you do not fulfil the conditions to benefit from those exemptions, then the extra.


We’d Love to Help You With Your French Tax