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We are here to help make your annual income tax return duty smooth and safe.

We will make what seems like a complicated foreign system for an expat straightforward in an efficiently and timely manner.

We will go the extra mile for you and help put your mind at ease.

We work with one perspective in mind “To have our clients pay the exact amount of income tax due, legally speaking, not 1 € more nor 1 € less “

You are here at the right place if :

  • You are you a foreigner living in France and finding difficult and overwhelming to navigate the complexities of the taxes in France
  • You have already filed income tax in France but need to put things in order or be reassured that you are on the right track
  • You want to have your apprehension dissolved and be sure that you are in good hands to file a correct and optimised tax return.

How we do proceed?

Subject to your agreement with our fees, we will send you a questionnaire to fill in and send back to us for the preparation of your tax return.

We will then deliver full details for filing your tax return, accompanied by instructions on how to file, applicable deadlines, etc.

If you are a newcomer in France and a salaried employee, under certain conditions, you may be eligible for special tax exemptions and credits in France for expats. This we will be able to see in your answers to our questionnaire.

If we see that you fulfil all the relevant conditions, we will draw up two sets of tax calculations: one showing what you would pay if you avail yourself of these tax exemptions and credits, and a second one that does not take these into account. Availing yourself of the tax exemptions and credits requires filing of a legal document, which we can draw up on your behalf. This is subject to an extra charge of which in most cases, will be money well spent.

If you do not fulfil the conditions to benefit from those exemptions, then the extra charge is not invoiced.


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What our clients have to say about us

We’ve helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues.

Eliane and her team have been preparing my tax returns and guiding me through the complexities of dual taxation (USA-France) for the past four years and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

I first contacted Elitax two weeks before tax deadline, when I had been let down by another company. Eliane took the time to understand my situation and left me confident that she would take care of everything. And she did! Aside from Eliane’s comprehensive technical knowledge and impeccable English, she has the rare gift of being able to convey her knowledge in a way that an average human being can understand. In addition, I always appreciate Eliane’s calmness and patience and the personal interaction that she is always ready to provide.

Justine Swinney

As an American/French couple living in France, we really had no idea what to do when it came to dealing with our newly conjoined taxes (both American and French), so we are eternally grateful to Elitax for their help.

They not only did a magnificent, efficient job with our taxes and with answering our many, many questions, but also they reached out to their contacts on my behalf to help with setting up my own French business. We really could not recommend them highly enough to anyone searching for a truly trustworthy and highly capable team that will take good care of their taxes.

Joel Small


We have used for the past three years. At first we were unsure if a firm based in Paris, so far from us would be the correct thing to do.

Our French language skills are limited but we had been assured (by other ex-pats) that our tax declarations would be simple and could easily be completed without engaging a professional firm. That is so far from the truth, it is almost a lie! We soon discovered just how the rules are littered with potholes ready to swallow the naive declarant whole. A very simple mistake, in entering our income in the wrong format, led to a very frightening tax investigation. At the conclusion of which we were just advised that our tax forms should be done by someone who knew what they were doing. Elitax were our saviours. Their advice and forms are simple to follow. The firm is efficient and are always available if assistance is needed. They ensure that you are fully aware of your responsibilities in relation to your declarations and they work well to ensure that submissions are made seamlessly. Their online client space is easy to follow. We cannot recommend Elitax enough.

Steve and Dorothy Hudson

When I was appointed to my job at the headquarters of my company in Paris, it was  a big change in my life. A new country, a different culture, totally different ways of life and practices…

Luckily, my company had already taken care of this and agreed with some consultant companies to support me in various aspects of this change. Elitax was my consultant on tax subjects. As I learned during my stay in France, tax is a very heavy subject and you cannot survive alone as an expat if you don’t have proper support. That’s where Elitax, i.e. Eliane and her team, come into the picture: They made a very thorough presentation of the tax system in France. I learned clearly my responsibilities and consequences of failure to comply with the requirements. They used their expertise to support me in the preparation of  my tax declaration, relations with the authorities, representing me in the tax related communications with the authorities, both during and after my stay in France. I even remember being supported by Elitax team to understand the yearly French obligation to pay tax if you own a TV set at home! Oh, those were the days! Finally, I would like to thank Eliane for her support. She was one of the good people who made my life easy during my stay in France.

Can Kabacki

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