elitax welcome tax meetingDuring a 3 to 4 hour meeting, one of our consultants will explain the French tax system to your incoming expatriates (impatriates), including for instance, the income they are required to to declare, how to fill in their tax return, and when and how this return needs to be filed, as well as penalties for late filing and payment.

This presentation takes place only once for the same group. Our Welcome Tax Meeting is the main way for the employer to fulfill the legal duty of informing its incoming expatriates of their tax responsibilities in France.

The session will also cover other French taxes that may apply to them, for instance local tax (taxe d’habitation) property tax (taxe foncière), as well as other indirect taxes (VAT)

Plus, for a year, each expatriate is individually offered the opportunity to find answers and solutions to his/her tax issues, working with a tax specialist (at no extra cost). Detailed documentation will be provided at the presentation.