Elitax organizes Tax Training for corporate staff responsible for the planning and administration of employee expatriation.

The employer has a compulsory duty, pursuant to French Labor Law, of informing the employee of the full range of tax implications of expatriation.

In addition to the Welcome Tax Meeting , and the Income Tax Filing and Processing Seminar, another useful way for the employer to meet its responsibilities is to ensure that corporate staff are well informed on the various aspects of expatriation, including taxes.

Elitax provides training along two streams.

Customized training focuses on the specific situation of your company i.e. employee tax liabilities and responsibilities in respect of designated countries. This training is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the tax implications of employee expatriation for key departments, such as Human Resources, Finances, and Pay.

Training is organized at the company, on a one, two or three day basis depending on the size, scope, and maturity of the expatriation program of the company.

Multifunctional training, the second stream, addresses both the tax aspects of expatriation and other key facets of expatriation e.g. international work contracts, immigration issues, and social security.

This training is offered on a three day basis in association with Elitax’s partners who provide training in the international mobility field. Training is provided at the partner’s site.

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