Expatriates, become aware of your new tax environment, including your tax liabilities and procedures for filing, so as to fulfill your tax responsibilities on time, while optimizing your tax burden.

Engaging our clients directly through a “get-to know-you” meeting is the hallmark of Elitax’s assistance. This meeting is designed to clarify clients’ tax situations and issues. This meeting provides the client with an early opportunity to identify relevant tax liabilities and responsibilities and an initial opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have.

For incoming expatriates, we proceed as follow:

For outgoing expatriates, we proceed as follow:

  • Dialogue between the individual and Elitax
  • Individual questionnaire
  • Departure tax meeting
  • Written consultation (analysis)
  • Tax calculations (hypothetical home country income tax, actual host country income tax, tax differential, tax on tax,).

For both categories of expatriates will also provide the following services