This is a meeting to explain to impatriates (incoming expatriates) how to prepare their own tax return when we are not tasked to provide this service. The meeting covers the different aspects of the French Taxation system:

  • French taxes, periodicity and deadlines
  • Income tax
    • French-source income
      • Taxable
      • Exempt.
    • Foreign-source income
    • French notion of family unit and family coefficient
    • Tax deductions and Tax credits
    • Tax return annexes
    • Tax return forms
      • Forms : 2042, 2042 C, 2047, 3916… are explained
    • Tax schedules
    • Tax payment
  • Wealth tax
  • Other direct taxes

Furthermore, we can provide the employees who attended this seminar, customized assistance for their income tax return preparation. As on option this service comprises a one-to-one meeting in order to preserve the confidentiality of personal information, at a supplementary cost.